/ Conferences / 2017


Caroline Sutton, OASPA.

Lightning Talks: Poster Presenters

Kate McCready, University of Minnesota Libraries. Heather Staines, Hypothes.is. Chu Keong Lee, Nanyang Technological University. Frédéric Vidal, LusOpenEdition. Sioux Cumming, INASP. Andrea Bertino

Peer Review and OA Books & Monographs Publishing

Anke Beck, De Gruyter. Lara Speicher, UCL Press. Aina Svensson, Electronic Publishing Centre, Uppsala University Library.

Ethics & Practicalities of Open Peer Review in Journal Publishing

Jean-Sébastien Caux, University of Amsterdam. Tony Ross-Hellauer, Goettingen State and University Library. Liz Allen, F1000.

Open Infrastructure

Vanessa Proudman, SPARC Europe. Mark Patterson, eLife. David Shotton, OpenCitations.

Show and Tell session

Chuck Hemenway, Copyright Clearance Center. Frances Pinter, Knowledge Unlatched Research. Liz Bal, Life Sciences BioMed Central and SpringerOpen. Mariia Levchenko, Europe PMC. Roman Gurinovich, Xpans

Research Evaluation and Assessment

Jonas Gurell, Swedish Research Council. Susan Veldsman, ASSaF. Martin Quack, ETH Zürich.

The Market for APCs: Stimulating Healthy Competition

Paul Peters, Hindawi. Mikael Laakso, Hanken School of Economics. Colleen Campbell, Max Planck Digital Library.

OA: Today, tomorrow and beyond

Robert Kiley, Wellcome Trust.

Closing Remarks

Liz Ferguson, Wiley.