/ Conferences / 2018

Welcome 2018

Paul Peters, Falk Reckling, Guido Blechl.

Panel 1 | Early Movers

Caroline Sutton, Taylor and Francis. David Prosser, RLUK. Susan Murray, AJOL. Jean-Claude Guédon, Université de Montréal. Paul Peters, Hindawi. Lars Bjørnshauge, DOAJ.

Show and Tell

Daniel Spichtinger, Independent EU Research Policy Expert. Salvatore Mele, Head of Open Access, CERN and SCOAP3 and Alexander Kohls, Operations Manager, CERN and SCOAP3. Martyn Rittman, Publishing Services Manager, MDPI. Christine Ferguson, Information Scientist, Project FREYA, Literature Services Team, European Bioinformatics Institute. Tony Ross-Hellauer, Senior Researcher, Know-Center. Mayya Revzina, Rights Manager, World Bank Publications.

Poster lightning talks

Pauline Jönsson and Karin Henning, Librarians, Gothenburg University Library. Rob Johnson, Director, Research Consulting. Iryna Kuchma, Open Access Programme Manager, EIFL. Tom Olijhoek, Editor-in-Chief, DOAJ. Elea Giménez Toledo, Tenured Scientist, Spanish National Research Council. Emma Molls, University of Minnesota.

Panel 2 | Transformative Agreements

Wilma van Wezenbeek, VSNU. Kamran Naim, Annual Reviews. Kathleen Shearer, COAR.

Panel 3 | New Models, New Players: New Models in Open Access Publishing

Janneke Adema, Coventry University. Jeroen Sondervan, Utrecht University Library. Robert-Jan Smits, EPSC, European Commission.

Panel 4 | Open Access Monographs

Mark Edington, Amherst College Press. Ros Pyne, Open Research, Springer Nature.

Panel 5 | FAIR

Fiona Murphy, FAIR. Iain Hrynaszkiewicz, Open Research, Springer Nature. Martin Fenner, Datacite. Elizabeth Hull, Dryad.

There, I fixed it

Geoffrey Bilder, Director of Strategic Initiatives, Crossref.

Closing remarks 2018

Mark Patterson, Executive Director, eLife.