/ Conferences / 2019

Welcome Talk

Claire Redhead (Executive Director, OASPA) and Niels Stern (Head of Department, Royal Danish Library).

Which inclusive globalisation?

Professor Sarita Albagli, Brazilian Institute of Information in Science and Technology (IBICT)

Panel 2 | Inclusive globalization - views from developing regions

Chair: Lars Bjørnshauge (Managing Director, DOAJ).

Open Education

Heather Joseph (Executive Director, SPARC).

Poster lightning talks

Chair: Xenia van Edig (Business Development, Copernicus Publications)

Panel 3 | Emerging Research

Chair: Stuart Taylor (Publishing Director, The Royal Society)

What is quality in open science?

Professor Isabella Peters (Professor of Web Science, ZBW Leibniz Information Center for Economics).

Panel 4 | Research Culture

Chair: Catriona MacCallum (Director of Open Science, Hindawi).

Plan S - The road ahead

Johan Rooryck (OA Champion for cOAlition S / Professor of French Linguistics, Leiden University).

Third-party control considered harmful

Sarven Capadisli (TIB Leibniz Information Centre for Science and Technology, Germany)

Panel 5 | Radical Futures: realising community owned infrastructures

Chair: Rupert Gatti (Director, Open Book Publishers).

Panel 6 | Books

Chair: Eelco Ferwerda (OAPEN).

Show and Tell

Chair: Martin Hicks (Member of the Board of Directors, Beilstein Institute).

You can't always get what you want

Liz Ferguson (VP, Open Research, Wiley).

Closing remarks

Stuart Taylor (COASP Program Committee Chair & Publishing Director, The Royal Society).