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Open Infrastructure

Open Infrastructure

Vanessa Proudman, SPARC Europe. Mark Patterson, eLife. David Shotton, OpenCitations.

Open Infrastructure

Lecture length: 01:09:43
Uploaded: 11/05/2018

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Information about this Video

Vanessa Proudman talks about a pilot project from SPARC Europe, the principles for open access publishers, and the challenges that they have overcome. Find her slides here.

Mark Patterson, standing in for Paul Shannon, discusses eLife's work on open tools, infrastructure, and the current problems in digital research publications. Find his slides here.

David Shotton addresses the initiative for open citations and the OpenCitations Corpus. Find his slides here.

About the speakers:

Vanessa is Director of SPARC Europe and is working to make Open the default in Europe. Vanessa has 20 years’ international experience working with many leading university libraries worldwide, with research institutions, together with information and IT professionals and designers from over 10 countries. She also headed information and IT at a UN-affiliated international research institution in Vienna for 10 years. She has also been programme and project manager to She is also the owner of Proud2Know, a consultancy that supports Europe’s academic libraries, Vanessa helps her clients create skilled and innovative digital libraries particularly focusing on research support.

Mark Patterson stood in for Paul Shannon, the Head of Technology at eLife, which is a unique collaboration between the funders and practitioners of research to improve the way important research is selected, presented, and shared.  Paul is responsible for the technology strategy at eLife ensuring the team are committed to openness in the products they produce to encourage broad change across the research communication landscape. He’s a regular conference speaker and was previously VP Technology for innovative digital music platform 7digital, where he grew the team and scaled the API platform to support the vastly changing music technology industry.

David Shotton is Co-Director of OpenCitations, an open repository of RDF-based scholarly citation data, is a founding member of the Initiative for Open Citations, and is one of the main developers of the SPAR (Semantic Publishing and Referencing) Ontologies, a suite of OWL-DL ontologies to serve the academic publishing domain. Originally a cell biologist, he has for the last decade pioneered the field of Semantic Publishing, and more generally has employed semantic web / linked data technologies for citation and research data integration and publication, and for enhancing document and data markup. He is a founding member of Force11, a scholarly community advancing the future of research communication and e-scholarship through the effective use of information technology, and is an emeritus reader of Oxford University and a senior researcher at the Oxford e-Research Centre.