Show and Tell session

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Show and Tell session

Show and Tell session

Chuck Hemenway, Copyright Clearance Center. Frances Pinter, Knowledge Unlatched Research. Liz Bal, Life Sciences BioMed Central and SpringerOpen. Mariia Levchenko, Europe PMC. Roman Gurinovich, Xpans

Show and Tell session

Lecture length: 43:22
Uploaded: 11/05/2018

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Information about this Video

Chuck Hemenway discusses collecting and aligning stakeholders for efficient APC management. Find his slides here.

Dr Frances Pinter describes a landscape study on open access and monographs. Find her slides here.

Liz Bal delivers her presentation on results free review: A new model of peer review to address publication bias. Find her slides here.

Maria Levchenko talks about open access content as a platform for innovation. Find her slides here.

Roman Gurinovich delivers his presentation on Open Access for the machines, the sci.AI platform. Find his slides here.

About the speakers:

Chuck Hemenway is Director of Business Development for Copyright Clearance Center. He has been with CCC for 15 years, and is responsible for helping publishers find efficiency through automation, technology and market-wide collaboration. His primary focus is the market-wide adoption of the RightsLink for Open Access platform, and the exploration of new efficiencies and revenue opportunities for publishers.

Frances Pinter is the founder of Knowledge Unlatched and Director of KU Research. She has been the CEO of Manchester University Press,  the founding Publisher of Bloomsbury Academic and ran the Churchill Archive digitisation project. Frances was a visiting fellow at both the Big Innovation Centre and the London School of Economics. She is currently Adjunct Professor at Curtin University. Previously she was Publishing Director at the Soros Foundation (Open Society Foundation) In the late 90s she devised the business model for EIFL, the world’s largest library consortium. Earlier she founded Pinter Publishers that also owned Leicester University Press and established the imprint Belhaven Press.  She holds a BA from New York University and a PhD from University College, London.

Liz Bal is an Associate Publisher at BMC, part of Springer Nature. Liz is currently responsible for the strategic development of a portfolio of open access journals in the life sciences. Prior to joining BMC, she studied biology at Imperial College London and held editorial roles in medical communications. Liz has extensive experience in open research, and has worked on various projects relating to the role of publishers in enhancing the peer-review and reproducibility of research.

Mariia Levchenko is a community manager for Europe PMC – a global database for life science and biomedical research literature. She is responsible for building relationships with various stakeholders and supporting discussions around the resource. Before joining Europe PMC at EMBL European Bioinformatics Institute, Mariia obtained a PhD in Biochemistry from Goettingen University and has worked with the European Research Council Executive Agency. Mariia is passionate about innovative solutions in scholarly communications that help the research community to advance the scientific knowledge.

Roman Gurinovich is CEO at Xpansa and architect at sci.AI. He designs business processes, solutions and IT systems to automate those solutions. Implementation of enterprise-scale systems for corporates was just a start. To make it total fun, he initiated sci.AI platform on a mission to make all biomedicine in the world machine-readable. Roman holds MS in Engineering and BA in Economics degrees.